So what are you taking of the safe for storm?

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So what are you taking of the safe for storm?

Post by rug357 »

I'm getting tired of all this talk about Dorian and where it's going to come ashore so lets change the subject a little.
So what are you taking/keeping out of the safe for this storm? For me and my family it's always a S&W 642 for the front pocket and wife's Glock 19 for handguns and a Remington 870 for a long gun. Maybe I'll add the AR pistol this time just to change things up a little.

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Post by n0rlf »

Which safe?

Actually, wife and I have Sig p938 and our full size 1911.

One 12 gauge,. Usually the Mossberg Mariner folder.

And an AR each. She wants to have her 5.56 side charger and I am going with my Spike's carbine. Nothing special on them just good old reliable ARs

And a Ruger 10/22 for any varmints that decide to get stupid.

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Post by CDI »

i feel like this event calls for my fnx 45 on my hip. as for a long gun either my AR or my mossberg 500 thunder ranch.

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Post by Firemedic2000 »

In my upstairs safe Suppressed 300 blkout, 45, 9mm suppressed, 6.8 spc suppressed and AR 5.56. 2 THERMALS and dual night vision and 1 pvs 14 motion sensors are battery powered. As is motion activated lights. Alarm has backup battery. Oh yeah the 300 blkout and 6.8 spc have dbal green/IR lasers on them also the blackout has one of the thermal scopes mounted. I'm ready

RV is ready if power goes out. I'm not going without AC. Oh Yeah have a hard wired phone also beside cell phones. Plus 50 gals of gas. 30 gals of water in RV
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Post by SteyrAUG »

My typical load out was SIG P226, MP5 suppressed and a M4 with NV scope.

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Post by BerettaRacer »

Actually put more IN the safe than I took out. Put a couple of bullseye rifles, a couple of bullseye pistols, and a custom Beretta USPSA style pistol into the safe. Brought home a Beretta carbine and a run of the mill Beretta pistol back, with a stack of interchangeable MecGar mags. Always have a few 12 ga pumps here anyway scattered around the house.
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Post by screenerglenn »

Glock 21 and mini14 for me, 1911 and an AK for the boy. Wife always has her S&W 19.

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Post by Greg »

O man I just got in a new polish mace from cold steel. That and every weapon system I have on hand is out and ready to go

Only thing I came up short on and I’m mad at myself for is I only have one bcg for my AR’s so can only run a single one which is fine but w all i have it’s a shame really
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Post by REDinFL »

I guess I look like a wimp. I have a 1911 and a 12 ga. Then, again, I only have two hands.
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Post by Skoll »

My AR, my AK, a couple 9mms, and my dads 1911. Might even pull out the Mosin and slap the bayo on.
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