Applying for US Citizenship

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Applying for US Citizenship

Post by JonathanW »

Holy crap :lol: .... and I thought NFA paperwork was a lot

In 6-9 months I’ll officially be American. A big dream coming true. Immigration lawyer just emailed me that immigration services has received my application.

One big benefit will be no longer getting delayed on regular firearm and NFA background checks!

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Post by tector »

Congratulations! We need more like you.

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Post by rug357 »

Congrats! My family and I went through it back in 1977.
Just curious, how much does it cost to apply for citizenship now days? Back in 1977
I think it was $49 or $59 per person.

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Post by Clyde621 »

Congratulations. BTW where are you immigrating from?

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Post by Skoll »

Congrats dude! Glad to have you.
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Post by cj5mrt »


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Post by JonathanW »

The application fee is several hundred but the lawyer fees are the expensive part.

I came here from the United Kingdom. My family is the first generation to settle here. I’ve been here around 11 years. I Love this country and would never leave to the U.K.. This is my home now

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Post by photohause »

Congrats & Welcome Home!
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Post by avmech »

Congrats and welcome! Both my parents did it many years ago.
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Post by TonyR »

Congrats to ya.My Mom still won't give up her U.K. citizenship,LOL. She just turned 86.
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