How far have you gone for FTF purchase?

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How far have you gone for FTF purchase?

Post by rug357 »

How far have you travelled to conduct a FTF purchase?
I have travelled from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando and Tampa area for FTF purchase/trade/sale but it was combined with other activities like weekend visit to Disney or to visit SIL in Tampa. A friend went from Miami to Ocala to buy a revolver last year but he didn't mind as he rode his Harley and saw it as a nice bike ride. How far have you gone?

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Post by TC6969 »

50-75 miles one way.

I HAVE gone a LOT farther for internet poon though!

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Post by rug357 »

I had a guy drive down from Jacksonville to Pompano Beach to buy my Sig 220 couple years ago.
I'm not sure if he really drove down just to buy it but he called me 5 hours before the meet to say he's leaving and then during the meet he showed me his FL DL with Jacksonville address.

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Post by zeebaron »

Tampa to Daytona-ish a decade ago.

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Post by Lucy »

Too far

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Post by Taco »

I had one guy tell me I was too far away and it wasn't worth it... Best reverse psychology ever- did 2 hours each way to buy it.

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Post by indy1919a4 »

Drove to the Allentown PA area to pick up a few items.. Sometimes its better than shipping.. One Can drop by Sarco's Easton Pa location and then swing by Genos & pick up a couple of Cheesesteak sandwiches for the drive home.

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Post by JonathanW »

Tampa to Jacksonville :shock:

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Post by Firemedic2000 »

From Ruskin to Inverness to see my friend rent who is a fantastic guy. That was to let him handle the transfer and buy several suppressors. I wish I lived closer to rent. I really enjoyed our lunches.

I can not thank him enough for all the help he gave me. I highly recommend rent for any business needs.
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Post by Skeezix »

Been to Daytona and Gainesville from Jax.
But its been a while.

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