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Copes Distributing filed for bankruptcy

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Copes Distributing filed for bankruptcy

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Another dealer whose glory days were during the parts-kit boom has folded. Bought several things from them over the years. You had to know the value of what you were looking for, because their prices ranged from gouging to smokin' deals, but I never had a problem and was always pleased with my purchase.
Copes Distributing Inc. filed for voluntary Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection October 16, 2019, in the Southern District of Ohio. The debtor listed an address of 640 Markwith Ave., Greenville, and is represented in court by attorney Darlene E. Fierle. Copes Distributing Inc. listed assets up to $359,554 and debts up to $430,132. The filing's largest creditor was listed as Greenville Federal with an outstanding claim of $227,923. ... g-inc.html ... buting-inc

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Many dollars of mine found their way to Copes over the years. Sad to see them go.

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