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Rangemaster Courses, Miami, FL, January

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Rangemaster Courses, Miami, FL, January

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In January we have a rare opportunity to take our three day Firearms Instructor Development Course and the two day Advanced Firearms Instructor Development Course back to back for five days of intensive training. Or, you can take either on its own (you must be a prior graduate to take the Advanced Course).

These courses will be conducted at the Homestead Training Center, on the south end of the Miami, Florida, metro area. The weather in Miami in January is perfect for training, and there are plenty of things for your family to do while you’re learning.

To register for the first class, see
Jan 21-23 Pistol Instructor Development, Homestead, FL ... 9755840404

To register for the advanced course, see
Jan 24-25 Advanced Pistol Instructor, Homestead, FL ... 9757148316