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Rangemaster Instructor Courses for 2021

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Rangemaster Instructor Courses for 2021

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Although we have student level training courses for handgun and for shotgun all over the US in 2021, the majority of our course offerings will be instructor level classes. Here is a list of locations for our instructor development courses in 2021.


Three Day Firearms Instructor Development Course, Pistol

Jan 21-23 Pistol Instructor Development, Homestead, FL ... 9755840404

Feb 12-14 Pistol Instructor Development, Leesburg, FL ... 0960062264

April 9-11 Pistol Instructor Development, Bandera, TX ... 2857140476

Apr 23-25 Pistol Instructor Development, KR Training, TX ... 0979414146

April 30-May 2 Pistol Instructor Development, Beaumont, TX ... 0962300960

May 21-23 Pistol Instructor Development, Decatur, TX ... 5267196557

June 25-27 Pistol Instructor Development, White Hall, AR ... 0967205630

Sept 17-19 Pistol Instructor Dev., Red Hill Range, Martin, GA ... 1013492074

Oct 15-17 Pistol Instructor Development, Kansas City, MO ... 2880074611

Nov 5-7 Pistol Instructor Development, Dallas, TX ... 2880213025

Advanced Firearms Instructor Development Course, Pistol

Jan 24-25 Advanced Pistol Instructor, Homestead, FL ... 9757148316

June 28-29 Advanced Instructor Dev., White Hall, AR ... 0968896688

July 17-18 Advanced Instructor Development, Racine, WI ... 2879406613

July 23-24 Advanced Instructor Development, Pittsburgh, PA ... 1908125948

Aug 14-15 Advanced Instructor Development, Nashville, TN ... 1235558280

Nov 13-14 Advanced Firearms Instructor, Casa Grande, AZ
Registration not available yet

Master Firearms Instructor Development Course, Pistol

Oct 1-3 Master Instructor Course, McLoud, OK ... 1013835100

Dec 3-5 Master Instructor Course, Nashville, TN ... 1240194146

Three Day Defensive Shotgun Instructor Development Course
Oct 8-10 Shotgun Instructor, White Hall, AR ... 2318704268

Rangemaster Firearms Instructor Reunion & Conference
June 12-13 Rangemaster Instructor Reunion/Conference
Athens, Georgia ... 7518690837