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Class K Instructors

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Class K Instructors

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Is it just me, and yes I am a class K Instructor, or am I just being to critical? To become or maintain your Class K license you either that to be a member of the NRA and pay not only your annual dues, but fork out money to them for 24 more hours of training every 3 years (or some other acceptable firearms training) or be a active LEO firearms instructor.
I know there are numerous ways to keep up to date with changes in Florida law that relate to armed security (class G). The state holds classes online for LEO’s all the time, they could do the same for keeping class K instructors up do date and proficient with current laws, they already provide the required curriculum book that instructors have to follow (shows what’s required to be taught and how many hours minimum). This license isn’t about showing how well an instructor shoots, as a matter of fact instructor shooting skill shouldn’t play in this at all, therefore requiring 24 hours of “firearms related” training to maintain a certificate is non-sense.
This post is not to bash the NRA or LEO’s as I am a life member of the NRA and was up until last year a NRA-LEO and an active LEO of 26+ years and my departments lead firearm inst, plus owner of a firearms training business.
It’s not a debate on what shooting skills instructors need, what it is meant to do is open discussion to see if other class K instructors agree that there should be other ways to maintain their certs.

Thanks y’all, let me know what you think