Trauma Training Course Including Trauma Kit- This Saturday 1PM - Eustis

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Trauma Training Course Including Trauma Kit- This Saturday 1PM - Eustis

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Seats Available


With the firearms instructor and Range Safety Officer (RSO) in mind–but open to anyone interested, we offer this non-firearms course specific to medical and traumatic emergencies. This 4 hour course is designed to offer training in basic bleeding control and wound care, with the discussion of CPR, the Heimlich maneuver, burns, allergic reactions, other medical situations that might occur, and what to expect when calling 911.

The class will cover medical scenarios that instructors and RSOs should be aware of and how to appropriately intervene until help arrives. Tourniquets, the use of hemostatic dressings, and first responder shock care will be covered in the trauma care sections.

What you'll learn applies not just to the range, but your day to day life at home, work, play–anywhere. You'll learn how to aid others and self-rescue if no one else is around.

Tuition includes a trauma kit containing two different types of tourniquets, hemostatic dressing, and other trauma care related items. Students will learn the proper use of all the items during class.

The instructor is a Florida certified paramedic, the chief training officer for one of the top EMS organizations in the Southeast, and an NRA firearms instructor.

The Trauma Kit is a $99 value and includes:

Orca Tactical 3 Section Bag w/ Extra Mesh Bag
Recon Medical Tourniquet
SWAT-T Tourniquet (& pressure dressing)
QuickClot 3"x24" Gauze
Medical Scissor
Medical Tweezer
Wound Care Package (Bandages, Antiseptic, Antibiotic, Sting)
Topical Ointments (Burn, Sting, Itch)
Two Aspirin Packets (Heart Attack)
3M Coban 3" x 5yd Cohesive Wrap Bandage
Black Sharpie Marker
2 Pairs of Heavy Nitrile Gloves
4 Purell Sanitizing Wipes
3M 1" x 10yd Medical Tape
NRA Training Counselor & FL K License Firearms Instructor
Strategic Outfitters, LLC Firearm Training Center (07/02 FFL)
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