Milwaukee Brewery shooter apparently used a suppressor.

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Milwaukee Brewery shooter apparently used a suppressor.

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I was listening to the news on my drive to work this morning, and heard for the first time that the Molson Coors Brewery shooter used a suppressed pistol in his attack on former co-workers yesterday. Did a quick search, and only found mention of that fact in a USA Today update from this morning: ... 889110002/
What type of gun was used in the attack?
The Journal Sentinel, citing a police source, said the shooter was armed with two handguns, including one with a silencer. The make and model of the weapons, however, remained unknown early Thursday.

Silencers or suppressors are legal in 42 states, including Wisconsin, but must be registered under the National Firearms Act. According to the latest federal report, more than 29,000 were registered in the Badger State, the Journal Sentinel reported.
Just another talking point for the idiot Democratic candidates and their msm promoters, allowing them to temporarily distract the public from how truly awful and pathetic they are.

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