Glock SBR

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Glock SBR

Post by neverenoughguns »

Anyone SBR a Glock here? I am not sure where to engrave on the pistol though.

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Post by rentprop1 »

You engrave the lower, I know a real good guy with a fiber laser that can do it for you. Up My way.

Its kinda cool, with all of the options like the Roni and the KPOS stocks and others , but its a novelty.

I have the Fab stick stock $99 and the KPOS $ 500, complete opposite ends of the spectrum but it depends on what you're looking to do.
I can't think of the company that makes that retractable stock that seems to be all the rage but it looks flimsy as hell

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Post by p7fl »

I never thought about SBRing a pistol. A few years ago FN came out with a Hi Power that had tangent sights.
I would love to put a stock on a Hi Power
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