HD shotgun

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HD shotgun

Post by Deputydave »

Well it's a virgin section so I'll kick it off with a thread.

What do you use for a home defense shotgun? What's your load and why?

I love a good shotgun and it's one of the things I teach (recruits, in-service and private citizens when I teach a CCW class). Duty shotgun is a Remington 870 and that's what I use for my HD shotgun as well. I have an ATI top folding stock on mine to reduce the length if necessary should I feel the need to use it in a pistol grip configuration. Which in the house could be a plus depending on the situation. Easy enough to unfold the stock for a shoulder mounted shot and it was surprisingly comfortable to shoot that way. Little surprised too be honest as it's a small pad that goes against the shoulder.

I have shell holders mounted in both side saddle configuration as well as on the folding stock itself. This gives me a total of 16 rounds readily available. I store it near the bed in cruiser safe mode.

Load is Federal reduced recoil 00 buck. I do have some slug in one of the shell holders in case that is needed.
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Post by MARK »

Maverick 88. 12 gauge with 20" barrel. It holds 8 shells. I keep it in the closet with Federal 00 low recoil, an empty chamber, safety off.

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870 extended mag with low recoil 00B. Should handle any situation around here. At least until I can get back to the other tools that hold more rounds.

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For me, A Mossberg 930 Semi-Auto "Home Security" edition with 9+1 capacity. and 00 Buck.

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Post by tcpip95 »

Ithaca M37 Home Defense.

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Post by N4KVE »

Mossberg 500, removed buttstock, installed pistol grip. #4 buck. Ex LE gun. GARY

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Remington 1148 in 20ga with a 18.5" barrel.

The wife can shoot it also, and it is a very short gun.

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Post by 5532JWK »

Remington 12ga Marine Magnum with #1 Buck.

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Remington 1100. 12g , smooth bore slug barrel, 00 Buck

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I have a mossberg 500. Full stock. Recently added a flashlight up front. (newer LED lights are fantastic)

Hate to admit it, but when I was confronting a peeping tom, watching my young daughter at 0 dark thirty, I went out tthe front door, pulled the trigger, and realized the safety was still on. I was aiming at the ground.

Moral of story: practice with your home defense equipment more often.

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