Shockwave or Tac14?

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I built my Shockwave before they were production models, 590 barrels do fit on a 500,but I found the gun severely lacking
I just put a pistol brace on it a couple days ago and now have a fully functioning gun with an actual purpose other than a range fun gun.

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I picked up a Tac14 DM for grins and giggles and couldn't be happier. I went with 870 since I'm an armorer and like the platform. The FCG is definitely not as nice as the old school metal type, and could use some smoothing out with some sandpaper. High brass isn't that fun to shoot, low brass is much more palatable, and a pistol brace would definitely be good. Fore-end could use a strap.


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I got 1 of the Tac14 hardwood models with the 5+1 capacity on a whim.

It is a lot of fun to shoot. Recoil is not as bad as it would seem, your arms not your shoulder absorb all the recoil.

Have put up to 3in magnum rounds thru it and found it controllable. Shot a water jug with a Brenneke bear slug just to see what the recoil would be like, not an issue

Have shot out to ~40yds with slugs and found it to be fairly accurate.

Have also shot a semi auto Tac13, that one causes smiles all day long. Very easy to shoot.

Have not tried a Shockwave, but cannot imagine it doing any different.

As for reliability and qc, I have had no issues with over 400 shells thru it.


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I love my little Serbu Super Shorty. Pachymar grip on it for almost no recoil. Just shot magnum armor piercing slugs through it. Incredible to feel the energy but recoil isn’t bad at all. Have a side saddle on it and will mix w the Slugs 3 inch 000 Buck
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