The return of the Colt Python

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rug357 wrote:
Tue Jan 21, 2020 3:07 pm
Not surprised. This new Python is a Python in name only. It supposedly uses a new lockwork that is easier to make, require no custom fitting and more robust than the original lockwork...another words cheaper to make. I'll hold on to my 1976 Python.
I can't imagine CNC manufactured parts, although very accurate in tolerances, just being dropped in by an assembler without the old craftsman fitting and working the action. It's surely about cost and production speed.

From the reports I've read the new Python has some serious issues. One would think with Colt's history they would surely test and re-test the pistol before introducing it in grandiose fashion. It's all about the $$ money $$.

I am not a Colt hater as I own three Colts. A early Colt Agent in .38 Special, a Colt Anaconda 6" and my favorite a Colt Python 4" born in 1960. I just like quality revolvers.

Kimber has come out with a 4" K6S target model. The K6S is a proven design. I have one on order.

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