The return of the Colt Python

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The return of the Colt Python

Post by tector »

The basics. I guess the SHOT Show will be the debut. ... lt-python/

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Post by Jsimmons23 »

Sure does look pretty, will be anxious to hear the reviews from the range!

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Captain Steinbrenner
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Post by Captain Steinbrenner »

I’m glad Colt is making this great revolver again.

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Post by Skeezix »

Just hope that it lives up to the expectations.
But due to past performance, I'm not too hopeful.

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Post by gforester »

MSRP $1499. I wonder what the average selling price will be. Even at MSRP it is a good deal less than the original models are going for.
I just checked Gunbroker and folks are bidding $1700 and up for the new model. I think I will wait until the frenzy is over to check prices again.

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Post by ABOC »

Going back to making revolvers was to be expected from Colt. After all they have never been able to come up with a single successful semi auto rifle or pistol design. One has to wonder if they are actually the ones making these Pythons or if they are just putting their name on them. If it turns out those are actually made in house then I would not hesitate to buy one since they will become collector's pieces as soon as they go under.

Although now that I think about it, who is going to buy overpriced revolvers once the boomers are gone? I'm not sure the younger zombies who watch the Walking Dead will ever get enough funds in their 401(K) to be able to afford one. In the end a factory engraved Glock might be a better long term investment if you can get one cheap enough.
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Post by gforester »

I called two gun shops that I have done business with and neither one could give me a timeline on when these will be available for sale. Gunbroker seems to be getting something in the range of $2500 for these new Pythons. Some of the vendors there are asking starting bids in excess of $2000. For that kind of money I would think an old model would be a better deal if looking for a collectible revolver.

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Post by Jeepsnguns »

I picked up the latest issue of American Handgunner today, got it home and saw a full page ad for the new Python, I wanted to post the news here on FSN for my fellow revolver enthusiasts but of course..... I'm a day late and a dollar short as usual.
Came here and saw tector already had a post covering the subject.
I just checked Gunbroker and saw a few currently up for bid for over MSRP of $1499.

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Post by GreyShark »

I love Pythons and honestly there were a couple areas on the originals that could be improved so it doesn't have to be a perfect replica to make me happy but I fear this thing is going to end up being full of MIM, maybe an entirely different lockwork, which doesn't justify the price for me. Still, glad to see more competition in the revolver market. Maybe it'll encourage S&W to finally ditch the IL and use conventional barrels. Current production does basically work but always good to have nicer stuff.

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Post by Lastrites »

I read yesterday that a quiet recall is underway, where one distributor was asked to send back his 100 pistol order.

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