S&W Model 19-7

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S&W Model 19-7

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What's a fair price for this gun? Dont know a whole lot about revolvers. Has some slight cylinder wear and appears to be lightly used. S&W Model 19-7


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$450 to $750 but more photos would be nice.
K frame Smiths are sought after especially without the safety lock. :roll:
If you have the original box, paperwork and tools the upper price would be more likely.
Hoping that helps, those are great revolvers. I vote you keep it and find some 38SPL wadcutters and amaze yourself at how well you shoot. A revolver like that will make anybody shoot well.

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Thanks. That helps a lot. Got it from a coworker. Hes supposed to being me the original box. I did good. :)

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I think you did real good, the original box is a great bonus for the sale.

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I have a model 19, 357, 6" with 3T's and a Bullseye DIY Trigger kit from … holy poop … 35yrs ago.
People ask me: what is it about this gun that makes them shoot so well?
At Knights Trail Range in Sarasota, my nephew and I were making our way to the pistol range. Passing by rifle range we saw it was almost empty.
My nephew said too bad we don't have something to shoot here …
I said, you know what, we do.
We did as well with the 19 at 75yards as the guy next to us with a Mauser!
My S&W 19 and S&W 41 .22 are both like laser beams!
Serenity now ...

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