FN Browning 1906

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FN Browning 1906

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I've got an FN Browning vest pocket (25acp) it had some missing parts. Ibhave since acquired everything that was missing and re-assembled, but the firing pin/striker will not catch on the sear when you rack the slide.
Does anyone have an idea on how to fix this?

This gun is the same as the Colt 1908.

Thanks ahead of time.

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Post by photohause »

Drop a note to the NRA Technical Editor...you might be surprised. If no luck there, note to the NRA Museum curators, super nice & knowledgeable people.
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Post by Villafuego »

Aside from ensuring the sear and striker contact surfaces are in good condition, you'll want to make sure that the striker spring isn't too long, and that it correctly fits inside the striker and around the guide when compressed....

with the striker forward, does the firing pin protrude thru the bolt face?

remove the recoil spring, then operate the slide manually.....does it retract far enough for the sear to engage the striker? If not, you may have an overly long / incorrect recoil spring

What parts did you replace?

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