Any Experience With Extar EP9?

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Any Experience With Extar EP9?

Post by rug357 »

I've been looking for toys other than AR and AK for a while and learned about the Extar EP9 a while ago.
I've been wanting to pick one up for a while but just haven't happened yet due to work, family duties and travelling.
Anybody here have any personal experience with these pistol? Are there any know issues with this pistol?

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Post by N4KVE »

My friend has one, & he likes it. But my big worry is both receivers are plastic. For the lower, that’s fine, but how long can an upper plastic receiver last with a steel bolt, & carrier going back, & forth in it? GARY.

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Post by 45caldan »

I had one and just sold it recently.
It failed after just 3 shots first time out. The PLASTIC hammer broke!
I ended up replacing the whole trigger group for Mil-Spec parts.
In the end I was just kinda turned off by all the plastic in the gun....
It was light though!

I would like to get another 9mm AR type pistol just not sure which one.

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Post by TACC »

Go with a cmmg banshee

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