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Wulfmann wrote:
Fri Aug 28, 2020 8:30 am
I don't buy a gun I buy a system in quantity but yes the HK USP series is one of the finest pistol lines ever made
I've really come to like the USPc pistols I've gotten this year. As I mentioned in another thread, I was thinking about getting a Gen 5 Glock 23 when they came out. But then I got the USPc in 9mm several months ago. Excellent pistol! Then on Armslist I guy was selling a complete USPc upper in 40 S&W. I found out the lowers are the same so I purchased it and then later on got a 357sig barrel from Rim Country Mfg. Not that I'm a big 357sig guy, but I wanted the entire platform to be a 3 caliber-in-1 pistol. Just excellent all the way around. So I'm pretty much not interested in the Gen 5 G23 anymore as the HK USP just offers way more of what I prefer in a pistol.

As far as the Sigs, like the HK's they are simply quality pistols. I don't have a ton of experience with Sig but I did have a P226 Equinox and of course I EDC the P365. I had a P320 and it was 'okay' but didn't keep it. And I did have a P250 in 45acp that I actually quite liked. I should have hung on to that one.
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Kimber micro 380

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I picked up an LCP II a couple of weeks ago: just had go have a pocket pistol that wouldn't print in my jeans. So far, very nice.
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I have a Bersa Thunder Plus 380. I had one jam early on, but ever since then it’s been problem free.

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