What the hell is this accessory?

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What the hell is this accessory?

Post by tector »

For range shooting I don't see the harm, but in the real world it seems like a clusterfuck waiting to happen. And what is the use of practicing with something you can't use in the field?


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Post by mavrik »

I don’t like nor see the need. First off, how ya gonna holster the peace without some special rig, and without possibly catching, snagging the trigger. My hands are medium sized and at 72 yrs old no problem keeping control of the 21.

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Post by Springfield »

Hard to think how it could actually help, since there is no down force on the strap (just tension from pinky to muzzle).

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Post by Deputydave »

I agree. Just another aftermarket gimmick to waste money on needlessly.
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Post by Casual »

I mean, the Mac 10 had one, so sure why not

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Post by lakelandman »

Lame accessory.
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Where the hell you found that?
In the bondage forums?

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Post by Lastrites »

Ah geez, it makes it easier to pull it out of your purse. :?

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Post by rentprop1 »

Casual wrote:
Thu Jun 11, 2020 10:58 pm
I mean, the Mac 10 had one, so sure why not
the MAC's had the safety strap for Full Auto so you wouldn't get your hand out there during the rise up, it worked well on the MAC's , but can't see it working out too well on the Glocks, now when they are like $ 7.99 I will buy one for our FA Glock, just as a safety

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Post by photohause »

Do ya have to get your nails done like that too?
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