Mouse guns

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Mouse guns

Post by Deputydave » ... Armor#p448

If you like and/or carry a small caliber pistol/revolver, what is your favorite?

I carry a Ruger LCP when around the house/neighborhood or dressed up (when a larger pistol isn't as easy to conceal). While I'd prefer to have my P365 or one of my Glocks, sometimes a mouse gun is the way to go due to mode of dress. I also have a S&W 380 Bodyguard but want to get more trigger time with it. I'm much more accurate, right now, with the LCP since I've shot it quite a bit more than the BG. I do like the BG however and look to get more trigger time with it.

How about you folks. :)
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Post by NorincoKid »

I love mouse guns. During summer/Motorcycle season back up North (all 2 months of the year lol) I carried a FIE Titan 25, or a Ladysmith.

I think "mouse gun" and stuff like the 950, 21A , or even little Galesi, FIE Titan/Excam Gt27 or the Baby Browning , Colt 1908VP come to mind. 22, 25, maybe Tomcat or NAA Guardian 32....

I always thought 380 was too large of a bore to be a mouse gun....

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Post by Lastrites »

LCP Custom with 11lb recoil spring, the slightly heavier spring really makes a difference.

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Post by rug357 »

I occasionally carry a Seacamp 32.
I also have a North American mini revolver in 22lr but it's more of a gimmick.

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Post by wsitgm »

I have two LCP II' in 380 and the other .22lr. Also have an SR22.

All great and carriable.

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