300WM at 1000yds

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300WM at 1000yds

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Went shooting at private 1000yd range yesterday.

We were testing a steel target setup that we are eventually going to attempt a 1 mile shot(1760yds). This was test to see what the target would look like at range.

Buddy in video is going to be shooting a 338 Lapua, I will be running my Savage 110 300 WM.

This vid is just a test of the setup used. He is recording using an Iphone at the shooter, with a Gopro at the target.

I am the shooter in the vid, this is first time I am posting a vid since the site resurrected.

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6HoZg ... sp=sharing

I am shooting a 208gr bullet over Retumbo. MV=2940fps. 24moa to 1000 over a 200yd zero. 24in stock barrel

Am using Google drive to host the vid and this is a run thru to test.

Video from both cameras were synced, and he put together this short vid.

When we get ready to try a mile, will see how we do.

Let me know what you guys think.