New Remington 300 AAC

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Louiethelump wrote:
Mon Sep 03, 2018 9:25 pm
Just ordered a new Remington 700 in 300 AAC for close range fun shooting with mostly lead cast bullets. Any general or specific suggestions on bolt action 300 AAC?
Be sure that they send you a 1:7" twist barrel and not one of the older 1:10"s. The 1:7" should stabilize any 300BLK bullet, subsonic or supersonic. Many folks feel that the 1:10" seems to not be fast enough to adequately stabilize the heavier subsonics.
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I know an old post. I to love the 300 blkout built two uppers 1 with a 8 inch barrel and one with a 16 inch barrel for supers like the BARNES TTSX 110 grain made for blkout to hunt hog with.

Something else, I also just built a .277 WOLVERINE it's kinda like the best of both worlds between the 300 blkout and 6.8 spc uses the 5.56 brass but with more case volume for powder. Shoot 80 to 110 .270 cal bullet to within 90% of the 6.8 spc muzzle velocity but uses the very inexpensive 556 brass and the only change is barrel and dies of coarse.

Plus it will shoot subsonic rds from 130 up to 175 grain. I'm loading both supers and subs with shooters world blackout powder. I have a 12.5 inch barrel in 1/8 twist for subs plus it will shoot supers also with no problems.

For the supers only I use an 18 inch 1/11 twist match barrel it will push a 90 grain gold dot .277 ( 270) bullet at around 2700 to 2800 fps brass is super easy to make. Dies are available by Hornady and a few other makers.
I'm kinda torn right now between the 300 blkout and the .277 Wolverine. The saving grace of the blackout is you can buy ammo off the shelve if you do not reload.

Where as right now there is only one guy making ammo for the .277 WOLVERINE.

But to me it does not matter I reload it saves a ton of money on both of these ammunitions.
GLOBAL ORDNANCE had a screaming deal a while back bogo on 125 grain smk 200 rd cases for 169.00. So you bought one case and got another case for free. 400 rds for 169.00 shipping was 12.00 flat rate for both. It was that Australian ammo that came in blister packs of 5 rds 20 to a box. Great ammo.

My 6.8 spc I'm debating selling it and all 6k of ammo it's even expensive to reload with what the brass cost even once fired. I use a brass catcher when I hunt with it so as not to lose the brass. Which when you have a weapon like that in an AR platform it just don't seem right.
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