M40 range experience with a stock Rem non adjustable trigger

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M40 range experience with a stock Rem non adjustable trigger

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This is my recent trip to the clubs range last sunday 12/8/2019. I shot the .308 M40 with the stock Remington ADL non adjustable trigger.
It was quite different than the Timney thats in my .223 M40.
IIRC it's supposed to be in the 5 lb. range, I agree with that number.

That hard pull made me more conscience of my rifle shooting technique skills or the lack of some of them.

I had taken my Redfield scope off and had a knowlegable machinest / gunsmith and lifelong friend align the almost 50 year old rings after being lightly polished.
I then remounted the scope and went to the range for adjustment and zeroing it in. It was off a bit but during that time I realized the adjustments on both turrets are quite a bit more sensitive or seemed so than other scopes I have worked with.

The sight in target shows what I mean. I over did the turns to the right ( should have went left, my bad as I was rushing everything as it was going to get dark soon ) and then after going the "correct" direction to get close it went to where it needed it to be, using 12 rounds to get there.

I then shot at a blue man type target. I had 8 rounds left out of the first two rows of 10. I took the first shot and didn't do my usual think it thru process, breathing correctly, getting correct distance from the eyepiece and zeroing in on where I want the hit, finger check, and tight shoulder pocket hold.
I shot the first 2 rounds WITHOUT doing any of this as I was concentrating on the hard pulling trigger. Both hits were to the left of my point of aim. I stopped ,took a mouthful of water and looked away for a minute or so to think about what had just happened.

I took the next 6 shots FULLY aware of what I DIDN'T DO before. the main thing I learned from all of this was how the hard pulling trigger affected my accuracy more than the other missing parts of my shooting regimen.
I noticed I had to hold the rifle quite a bit tighter to my shoulder than usual, It may have been bad habits from just having been used to the .223 M40 with way less recoil.

If I do my part, she will take care of the rest.

All of this was at 100 yards off a bag and rolled up taped towel.

Remington 700 SA .308 / M40 replica
Taylor Engineering stock
Redfield Accu Range 3-9x40 scope
USMC Redfield Jr.sniper scope base mount and rings with slotted screws
24" 1:12 varmint barrel ( I thought it was a 1:10 as I was told that by the young salesperson at Bass Pro)

My load was the following:
168 gr. HPBT Hornady
41.5 gr. IMR 4895 extruded powder
#200 CCI primer
LC '05 brass, annealed, full length sized, primer pockets cleaned etc
OAL 2.820

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