M40 .308 and .223 clone range results

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M40 .308 and .223 clone range results

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I took my two M40 clones out to the club range this afternoon. Both are based on Remington 700 actions with varmint contour barrels. The .223 barrel is 20" and the .308 is 24".
I have posted pics of the .223 and it's target pics before but new ones are included in this post.
The .308 barrel was supposed to be completed by the smith on next tuesday, I got a call late saturday and rushed to pick it up and begin assembly of all parts on my new Taylor stock. I was excited about getting it early and realized before I left for the range I had only 11 rounds of my reloaded M14 recipe to use in her first time out. I went anyways as I had a bunch of reloads for the .223.

I have a 3-9x40 Redfield Accu Range scope on the .308 along with correct Redfield base and #1 bottom stamped rings with slotted screws. I never have used a scope like this so it was an eye opener to say the least. I thought for sure that it would not even compare to anything current after I got to the range.

Boy, was I wrong ! It took me about a half hour or so to get the hang of it even after reading the instructions from Redfield and an instruction page from the USMC snipers manual from 1967 and 1968.

I soon realized after getting it on paper at 25 yards and moving back to 100 yards this is a quality scope and setup.

After using 6 rounds to get on paper, the other 5 were shot at 100 yards off of my USGI issue buttpack.

I was aslo in a tee shirt and the temp began to drop a bit, mostly cold hands from poor circulation.

I shot 4 at the center X and one at the head. I need to go right about 3 clicks .
It does not have standard clicks, no discernable sound or feel, just a dial with hash marks and numbers.

Way different than what I'm used to but I LOVE IT !!!!

I can't believe the 4 shot group it produced with a brand new, standard Remington varmint barrel.

I almost bought a Douglas barrel but took the gamble on a Remington barrel and saved about $500.00
My only alteration was my smith cut off 2 " of the 26" barrel to get to the 24" length it required to meet authenticity and recrowned it.
If and when this barrel gets shot out I will get the Douglass for a replacment.

I'm well satisfied with the way things turned out with her.
I think I'll keep her.

I need to change out the stock trigger for an original adjustable one or at least a Timney.
This one works OK but it needs some improvement and as being one of the inexpensive ones Remington offers on the ADLs, it cannot be adjusted.


This is the target from my .223 M40 clone today.

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