Getting to a mile(1760yds)

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Getting to a mile(1760yds)

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I had posted before that I was going to attempt to shoot a mile with my 300WinMag.

Shooting a 208gr bullet doing 2940fps, will be subsonic at mile shooting at sea level.

Things needed to be done to get to one mile:
1: 20MOA rail on rifle.

2: Burris XTR adjustable rings(I set this at +30moa) Rifle was zeroed at 600yds to have full internal adjustment of scope available, which was 70moa.

3: Scope was a Sightron S-Tac 3-16 with a MOA3 reticle

With a 600yd zero, it is +15moa to 1000yds, +60 moa to a mile.

With only a 24in barrel, I was going to be limited on velocity on the heavy bullets I wanted to try. With a muzzle velocity of 2940fps, the 208gr Hornady BTHP was going transonic right around the 1500yd mark. At 1760yds retained velocity was just below 1100fps according to my ballistic app. All that remained was to see how accurate the bullet was once it went below transonic.

I was not able to go shoot this morning, but my buddy wanted to try the mile with my rifle, so I made 25rounds for the attempt. Hornady brass, Retumbo powder, Winchester LRM primer

He shot 8 rounds, 3 hits at a mile.

Rifle is a stock Savage 110FP in 300wm, in a Manners T2A stock with a detachable mag setup, stock trigger(pre Accutrigger), threaded for a Surefire muzzle brake. Little more challenging at a mile than a 338 Lapua Mag.


Here is a not so great vid of the hits, note there is no sonic crack, just the impacts on steel. You can hear the report of rifle way off in distance. ... sp=sharing
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Pretty cool.

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Great job

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I have 2 shooting friends who have shot out to 1 mile on a private property near Okeechobee.
One shoot a 50 BMG and another caliber and second one shoots 338LM. They have been doing it for many years every winter. They can't use the range during the summer because the grass grows too high to shoot so they mow the property in November and shoot until April when grass don't grow so fast. I went out there few times but never shot further than 1,000. There is another group of guys who shoot long range near South Bay in the agriculture field. It's not a "range" but the distance is about as far as eye can see. I was out there once with one of the shooter but I never shot there. I used to shoot out to 650 yards pretty regularly at a private range until couple years ago. Now days my target is usually closer than 70 yards and stand on 4 legs.

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Neat-0...very nice
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Here in Raton NM. Tomorrow is the King of the 2mile. 2 miles now that's.Getting out there!

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You should post the difference in comeups needed shooting in Raton, NM vs here in Fl. Eyeopening the difference needed to get out there.

Buddy from my 300winmag post recently went the Milk Jug challenge in Utah, elev 6500ft asl. The difference needed to get to a mile was 10moa less than he needed here in FL at ~40ft asl using his 338 Lapua Mag.


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bagman44 wrote:Here in Raton NM. Tomorrow is the King of the 2mile. 2 miles now that's.Getting out there!
Longest shot I ever took was just over 10 nautical miles (20,000 yards).
Projectile was a 70-pound Blind, Loaded & Plugged 5” (127 mm) round, exiting a 22.5-foot barrel at 2,674 fps.
It took approximately 62 seconds to get there, so I had to aim at the spot where the target was going to be the minute before it got there. Accuracy was determined by the Mean Point of Impact after several rounds were fired. This isn’t a big issue as the HE rounds used in actual combat have an effective blast radius of 50 yards.
After seven years of naval gunnery operations, shooting under 10 miles became mundane and kinda boring...until I started reloading.
What is the barrel elevation of a 338 Lapua round fired at a target one mile away? Or two? What’s the maximum peak of the trajectory?

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