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TC Dimension rifles

Posted: Wed May 29, 2019 9:51 pm
by 10MMgary
Did or has anyone else went with the now discontinued Thompson Center Dimension LOC rifle system ? Well I did in 4 barrels 3-bolts 3- scope bridges and multiples of 3 magazines for each caliber so far and to totally insure no future support for this discontinued product or additional options I acquired the bolts receiver & synthetic stock in left handed. They clearance prices made it a offer/s I had to take. The mags mag housings barrels & tools are not hand specific & it is Interesting system for sure. I am sure it will be more accurate than I am capable of and will be a great shooter of course being a TC product. But I can see where there was no way to meet the numbers needed or get to the price point needed to be a successful selling product. The quality is great and simple in all but the stock all the barrels are free floated and if you have glass & a bridge for each barrel you do not have to re-zero after changing barrels because the scope stays attached to the barrel(according to TC). Well I will find out I guess, I went with 30-06 22-250 204 Ruger & a 243. I have a D series bolt in bound that will take 7MM Rem & 300 Win mag barrels. Funny-----ish thing is I want a 223/5.56 barrel and they are like hens teeth evidently. I will post the good & or bad as it plays out.