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While growing up there were 2 guns I always desired...M1A with wood stock and Colt 1911A1...well, there was the 3rd one a H&K MP-5SD :D
I eventually got a 1911A1 and loved it and ended up owning many of them in past 40+ years and currently have handful in the safe. I bet I shot more rounds thought my various 1911A1 pistols than all other handgun rounds combined excluding rimfire handguns. I ended up getting a Springfield M1A in 1993 and when I took it out to the range I was very disappointed. The rifle was not very accurate, the recoil was beating me up and it just didn't fit me or felt comfortable for me. I kept that gun for about 10 years trying to get used to it but never did. In the meantime my search for 308 rifle lead to getting a H&K 91 and FAL. I hated the ergonomics of H&K 91 and the feel of holding a 2x4 even more than the M1A but I loved the FAL. For some reason the FAL fit me much better than 91 or the M1A. I enjoyed the FAL for many years but as my eye sight got worse and price of 308 ammo kept rising I didn't see a realistic use for one so I sold all my 308 auto rifles. Now days I don't have any 308 auto rifle but I do have a M1 Garand which my father likes to shoot once in a while.

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