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Picked up a Sig P250 this evening

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Re: Picked up a Sig P250 this evening

by Deputydave » Mon May 10, 2021 5:25 pm

Anyone else own a Sig P250?

Re: Picked up a Sig P250 this evening

by Deputydave » Fri Apr 30, 2021 12:11 am

Finally got a chance to shoot this one. Immediate observation was that the recoil was more stout than on my HK USPc or P2000. Not unmanageable by any means, but definitely more muzzle flip than the other two pistols. Accuracy was acceptable. Again, not the tack-driver of the HK's but it grouped fairly well. I pulled a few to the left a smidge but overall it was fine. The DAO trigger was long but smooth. Once again, have to compare it to the P2000 which is DAO and the trigger is smooth but not as smooth as the HK. But it is more than acceptable. Had one jam with one mag. Empty didn't eject fully. Cleared easily and no other bobbles.

Overall impression is that it's a good gun for woods carry. It's a quality pistol but it's one that if it gets sweated all over during a hike or the grip gets a smudge or ding it isn't going to bother me. Capacity at 13+1 of 40S&W is more than fine.

I want to run it some more. :)

Re: Picked up a Sig P250 this evening

by Deputydave » Thu Mar 25, 2021 8:40 pm

Received word back from Sig. My P250 was made Feb 3, 2009. I also inquired if they still had the X-change kits available for the P250. They do not. I didn't think they would but figured it was worth asking. So I'll continue to look around for a deal on a kit to make it into a 45acp. Also still looking for a deal on a 357sig barrel. Not really concerned with making it a 9mm as I have plenty of 9mm platforms. Must have been shot very little over the last 12 years.

Re: Picked up a Sig P250 this evening

by Deputydave » Tue Mar 23, 2021 5:58 pm

Nitesiters arrived and I put them on the P250. Took maybe 5 minutes. Put a small bit of super glue on the backside of the dots so it should stay in place quite well. Just like the other ones, they charge up very bright then fade a bit with time.

Re: Picked up a Sig P250 this evening

by Deputydave » Sun Mar 21, 2021 11:31 am

I found out that Trijicon will relamp night sights. However, only their own brand. I called Sig and found out they used Meprolite for the P250. I can purchase a rear night sight for the P250 from multiple sources for as little as $10. The problem is that it's all new-old stock. Since the P250 was discontinued in 2017, any sights would be at least 4+ years old and probably quite a bit longer. So at least a third to a half or more of their service life is already over.

So I ordered some Nitesiters. For the woods-carry role I'm envisioning for this pistol I think the Nitesiters will be fine. For any night hiking/camping I might do I can simply charge up the sights and they'll last long enough. Initially they are 5X brighter and then slowly fade. But even hours later they can be seen if your eyes are adjusted to the darkness. So while I'd prefer night sights, these will do for it's intended role.

Debating on a 357sig barrel for it. I'm also on the lookout for a 45acp X-change kit. Haven't found one yet but half the fun is looking for a deal.

Picked up a Sig P250 this evening

by Deputydave » Sun Mar 14, 2021 9:11 pm

I posted this in the 'New gun' thread but wanted to include it in the Sig thread as well.

Picked up a Sig P250 in 40S&W with an FDE X-carry grip module. Has night sights but they are dimming. You can still pick them up in the dark but definitely towards the end of their life. Also came with six 13-round magazines.




I had a P250 a few years back in 45acp and kinda regret trading it away. I like the hammer-fired DAO P250 over the P320 personally. The P320 is a nice pistol but I just lean towards hammer-fired pistols. Not sure if it's going to be a HD pistol or maybe a woods carry/hiking pistol. It would make a dandy woods carry because it just isn't that heavy. I'll have to look into night sights for it, if they are still available, which may be iffy since the P250 has been discontinued. I may just have to go the Nitesiters route which is fine. I've used them before and they actually work really well. Particularly if this is going to be a woods/hiking pistol.

I'll also have to check into both 9mm and 357sig barrels...just because :lol: