Best places to look for a M1 Garand to buy

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Re: Best places to look for a M1 Garand to buy

Post by Racist Infidel » Mon Apr 27, 2015 4:12 pm

You have basicly a brand new rifle. You can find the FM (field manual) on line for free.

M1s LOVE grease. Lubriplate A130 is still made and is what was issue in WWII. Plastilube is Korean War issue and is available from Brownells.

For stock maintenance only use RAW LINSEED OIL. It is available as Flax Seed Oil at the health food isle of your local grocery store. ... 32/RLO.jpg

I run five of these beauties and have shot them for over 35 years. If the SHTF one will be slung across my back. [smilie=pdt_xtremez_13.gif]

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Re: Best places to look for a M1 Garand to buy

Post by drshame » Wed May 06, 2015 9:26 pm

They tend to multiply.

When I was shooting Highpower Matches, I saved up for a Garand planning to get it re-stocked and rebarreled for match use.
Without making any special requests, I got a '43 Service Grade Springfield, original lockbar sights and correspnding SA Fall '43 barrel: For all appearances, an original WWII receiver/barrel. It came in a tigerstripped birch replacement stock.
I did find a properly cartuched Walnut Syock that matched the handguards better. Of course, I couldn't rebarrel or change anything else on it. Functioned perfectly.

Which led me to my 2nd, actual shooter Garand: 1953
Came partially bedded with a sweet Winchester Trigger....didn't touch it..didn't need anything: Shoots Great!
Have Fun,it's a historic firearm that's earned its time on the range.

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